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The true mindset to accomplish your goals in 2022

By now, we all have heard every optimistic word, watched memes and ads about how from the firsts days of January everything would begin to change as if we were witnessing a magic trick. And so, gyms will increase their crowd, supermarkets’ visitors will boost its healthy food corridor, sportswear stores will get new clients. People will buy diet books and watch videos about creating new habits, download apps to be more productive at work, and a long etcetera. We all know that not many will keep on going as optimistic during the next twelve months, though. So don’t be part of those people. There’s a first step that nobody will tell you about, that almost everyone skips. I want you to acknowledge that foundational issue of a mindset that may help you to accomplish your goals in 2022.

So, let’s discover the true mindset to accomplish your goals on 2022.

1. Think about it. Is it the New Year or an illusion of a new life?

I’ve been working in the cultural entertainment industry for years: film festivals, performing arts and publishing. Besides my own dreams, such as my novels or as an audiobook narrator, I have seen thousands of projects, promises and dreams go by. The first thing I know for sure is that none of them started on the first of January. However, its the energy found on those first days of the year that allows many of these projects to flourish.

So, the first thing I want you to do is: think about it. Keep the idea, dream or project you have in mind, and think: How and when did you come up with it? What has prevented you from starting or achieving it? What made you give up or put it on hold? I believe the most common reason why this great battle of life is lost is because we fail to perform the most essential part of the strategy: we don’t allow ourselves to persevere. We are full of intent, but we sabotage our own efforts. We focus on battles so hard that, regardless of the results they may give us, undermine little by little our stamina, our perseverance. We start by going to the gym six days a week, or fill up the fridge with healthy food right away, or watch a marathon of videos about changing habits and uploading all our personal data to an APP to be more more productive.

2. Define yourself. The foundation that sustains perseverance

Is there a secret to prevent that to happen? I'll tell you mine. My very personal. The one that helps me with my projects and dreams, that in fact defines my plans, gives them order, time and even help me manage my own expectations. In other words, I could consider doing 4 diploma programs in a year ... or learning to play tennis ... or going vegan ... or traveling for two months to another continent ... and no matter what it is most likely to have an economic cost. How much money would I need? So, this is the foundational issue: consider making an annual budget. Use an Excel document or even a piece of paper, and write down how much money you earn per month, or, if your income is variable, try an approximate. Account for all your necessary expenses, including entertainment, savings, food, subscriptions, and whatever else you have to pay for in your life. Then, from an economic point of view define how much you are going to give or need for that project, dream or idea. Then plan it on a timeline and write it down in your budget. This economic point of view will give you a realistic perspective so you don’t go deceiving yourself.

3. Get organized. It's about you and your personal journey

Now, search for a tool that allows you to monitor your progress. There’s really nothing else to it: find a way that works for you in accordance to who you really are. Explore goal tracking methods or tools on YouTube, listen to podcasts or read articles or go to a bookstore. Personally, I like the bullet journal system. Sometimes it is difficult for me to follow up on a daily basis, but as I said it before, it’s all about perseverance. For 2022 I will try a new idea that I’ve been researching for the last year: journaling. It’s about writing down your thoughts and feelings to understand them more clearly. Will it work for me? Will it be an extra to help me reach my goals? I still don’t know, but I’m excited about starting it.

4. Take action. The mindset to fulfill your goals in 2022

I do not believe in magic formulas or sudden changes, from my personal point of view it’s about a single mindset: to persevere no matter what. The key is to guide yourself with a clear and realistic roadmap. With this you can try out a new start this year. Even if your project does not require money, understanding your finances will help you understand your life through expenses and earnings.

Don’t forget to keep on discovering what’s best for your own journey. Research, look out, ask, be curious. And whatever works for you to persevere, tell me in the comment box or write me through social networks, I’ll be happy to hear from you.



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