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of 5 star ratings out of 81 reviews in Amazon Mexico for Los años de los amantes.


star rating given to Las horas lentas de la noche by its readers in Amazon Mexico.


reviews left by listeners of Los años de los amantes' audiobook on Storytel.


ratings over 4 stars, and 217 reviews left on Goodreads for Los años de los amantes.

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«Marroquin articulates the story with his ingenious use of chronology and elegant prose that combines lyricism with the expressive ease of realistic novels»

Apple Books Editor’s Note

Often associated to Adam Silvera, André Aciman & Benjamin Alire Saenz’s works, Hugo Marroquin’s debut novel “Los años de los amantes” (The Years of the Lovers) achieved great recognition amongst teen and YA readers —16/22yo—. Being published in Autumn 2015 nowadays it’s still in the shelves of bookstores, which makes it an independent longseller.

Upon ralease the novel became viral on social media, being heavily featured by booktubers and literary bloggers at the time. As of 2022 “Los años de los amantes” keeps touching hearts that have been broken, and it’s ardent fanbase continues to share it as an essential tale in the LGBTQ+ canon.

Along with his second novel “Las horas lentas de la noche” (The Nights’ Lingering Hours) both books enjoy a 4-5 star rank on Apple Book Store and Goodreads. Audiobooks were produced and published in spanish for both by Storytel, narrated by the author himself.

Rights for non-spanish-speaking territories are available. Get to your catalogue a trilingual latino gay author who can easily attend promotion activities in English and French.

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5 estrellas Amazon Las horas lentas
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