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Alan Becker: Exploding Creativity

Actualizado: 4 oct 2023

Don't you think that one of the greatest feelings is to be amazed by creativity?

It happened to me when a discovered Alan Becker, an American Animator and Creator of Animator vs Animation YouTube's series, where Stick Figure Characters come to life on the screen and claim their freedom by fighting back the human controlling the mouse.

Over the time, the series has evolved, creating new challenges, adventures and EPIC battles like Animation vs Minecraft, Animation vs YouTube, Animation vs League of Legends, Mario Bros, Pokémon, Arcade Games, and much more.

I'm sure you also might experience the wonder just by looking how fun and creative his Stick Figures are. Prepare yourself to laugh and learn from his storytelling. Because their "body" language is AMAZINGLY communicative and expressive.

Here's the original video featured on his YouTube channel 16 years ago (when Becker was also 16 years old too!)

ℹ️ This is a translation and adaptation made by Hugo Marroquín after its original text in Spanish.

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